About me

2019年4月看完朋友推薦的美國前總統夫人Michelle Obama的自傳 Becoming 後,受到正面的鼓勵和感人的故事,決定我也想來寫寫自己的故事。在這裡的我想談論的都是我喜歡的主題,所以Wake up at noon就誕生了!

2018年畢業於倫敦GCU的Luxury brand marketing,我在英國倫敦生活3年, 喜歡看藝術展覽、喝咖啡、時尚、美妝、義大利菜,偶爾會下廚做自己想吃的, 留學回國後意外的接觸吸引力法則、冥想、各種療癒的方式,希望可以將這些日常心得分享給大家。

從倫敦的街角到內心的平衡,也希望這些分享能夠帶給你一些幫助、靈感,如果你喜歡我的文章請記得訂閱wake up at noon。


The book “Becoming” by Michelle Obama encouraged me to share my stories about my interests, favourite topics in my daily life since the April of 2019. I decided to talk about my life story and the happenings, and here is wake up at noon.

In 2018, I graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University and studied luxury brand marketing. For living in London in 3 years, I used to visit art galleries, coffee shop, and I’m also a fashionista and foodie. Law of attraction, meditation and healing become an important part of my life when I was back to my country. Now, that is what I will share with you guys.

I am very happy to share with you, if wake up at noon could inspire you or even more unexpected things. Hope you enjoy the reading! xxx

If you have question or invitation for me, please be free to contact here: wakeupatnoon44@gmail.com