Ready to set goals for 2020


How to set goals for the new year:
Step 1: Set goals in each area 為每個人生考量列下目標
– envision and start a clear vision of what you want 設想人生夢想和目標
– based on health, relationship, career, finance, personal growth, spirituality, travel & adventure, creativity 以健康、關係、工作、財務規劃、個人和精神成長、旅遊冒險及創新事物等為考量
– write down specific goals in each area which is important to you 寫下來
– focus on why and feeling to motivate your goals 注意力在感覺和目標上
– try keep the goals under your control 確保目標執行是自己可以掌握的

Step 2: Plan & Prioritise 計畫和優先目標
– ask yourself two questions; what is the impact of this goal & what goal is the scariest 問題幫助自己釐清目標重要性
– then to prioritise the goals from the most and less importance 列出順序
– a plan for 3 months 列出3個月計畫
– what step I need to take for the first 3 months 我的第一步行動

Your power is in the now and begins small to big.

Step 3: Take Action 採取行動
– start as soon as possible and build momentum 現在開始行動
– keep the promises you make to yourself 與自己保持承諾
– daily/weekly consistent action 持續的進行
– track daily/weekly progress 定時追蹤
– tie your action with a reward 完成每一項行動後獎勵自己

Step 4: Social Accountability 與身邊的人分享
– announce goals publicly to family and friends 公開的分享目標
– keep you accountable to work toward that goal 讓自己保持前進目標的動力


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