Habits that have changed my life

今天想來寫這篇文章是因為最近發現過去的自己,不論在生活還是工作中都少了一點產值,覺得沒有好好的發揮自己的人生。之前追蹤了美國時尚網紅Jenn Im,她提到Stephen Covey的著作7 habits of highly effective people,幫助了她前往成功事業和想要的人生。成功的定義很廣,不過我覺得這7個成功人生的習慣,在我的生活中發生空白或是腦袋混亂的時後,成為了我內心遵循的依據而且很實用,將生活重心放在正面影響上,並成為正面的生活循環,這篇的文章是我整理後的重點來分享。

7 Habits of Highly Effective People
1. BE Proactive 
– focus on Circle of Concern to:
Health, Education, Spirituality, Hobbies & Social activities
2. Begin with the End in Mind
– start with a clear destination
– like using Law of Attraction
– take advice from My 6 steps for Law of Attraction
3. Time Management & Prioritise
– all activities can be categorised based on two factors:
Urgent (Not Urgent) & Important (Not Important)
– spend more time on:
Relationship building, Long-term planning & Recognising new

4. Think Win-Win

– to achieve Win-Win, we can consider two factors:
Consideration & Courage
– by considering for others to courage
– bring abundance to us
5. First Understand then to Be Understood
– practice empathic listening
– in order to seek to understand, we learn to listen
6. Achieve Synergy

– the combination of all the other habits prepares us for Habit 6
– we end with a transformation
7. Regularly Sharpen the Saw
– ongoing cycle: learn, commit & practice

The challenge is not to manage time or people, but to ourselves.

我的創作理念是探索、創造、記錄、更新、放下,每一篇的文章都是我親身經歷的感受和我熱愛關注的事物 : ) 喜歡我的文章可以在功能處按下Buy me a coffee,並支持分享 & 訂閱。Two function added here for Use the Translation by Google and Buy me a coffee. If you like my article, please subscribe & support.

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