Becoming a boss and tips


正當我在準備建立wake up at noon的時候,有一天The Secret Behind My Success 這部影片突然出現在我的youtube首頁,沒有想太多就點進去看了,發現她的分享成為持續鼓勵我的動力,不論是當下看完後或是過了兩個月後的自己。
Jenn Im是第一個我覺得很有情緒渲染力的vlogger,每次看到她的影片都能感受到她對自己熱愛事情的熱情以及堅持,還有散發出激發別人的影響力。她在2010年成為youtuber,當時的頻道clothes encounters開始受到注目,2017年建立個人服飾品牌,同時被Forbes富比士評為前十大最具影響力的網路名人之一,這部突然出現在youtube首頁的影片,就是她分享五個成功背後的秘密。

Becoming a boss or not? you can do and follow:
1. 深刻思考 Self reflection
-WHAT’s your business?
-What will it look like in 5 YEARS?
-WHY do you start this?
To understand:
your MISSION and vision
2. 管理你的心智Manage your mind
– Avoid decision fatigue
– GET your BRAIN power by being professional
– Create RULES and stick to them
HOW to efficient with your TIME:
SET your timer for 20 min to focus on one thing

Your willpower is a muscle.
The more you work on it, the stronger you will get it.

3. 投資自己Invest yourself
– THERAPY or Healing; let your stress release
– EXERCISE to stabilize your mood and centre yourself
ABSORB soul material: READ, podcast
4. 挑戰自己Be uncomfortable
– Delegate; ASSIGN others to complete your work
5. 善待自己Be empathetic & gentle
– Find simple happiness in the achievements
– LOVE yourself
– TREAT YOURSELF like someone you care about

It’s not the universe’s job to hand you motivation everyday.
It your job to look for it.